Public Governance

While corporate governance of listed companies is now adequately established, it is often substantially underdeveloped in companies wholly or predominantly owned by municipalities, federal states, or the federal government.

For this reason, numerous public administrations have adopted their own public governance codes. The aim is to provide the portfolio companies with a set of rules for efficient and good corporate governance.

A clear set of guidelines strengthens public administrations and contributes to a better public image.

Governance and Values supports federal, state and local governments with blended learning, content and coaching to better prepare the relevant representatives for their mandates.

Principles of Corporate Governance

Board Composition

Necessary skills & independence

Board Efficiency

Functioning and Organization

Capital Measures

Capital Increases, Share Repurchases, Dividends

Statutes & Articles of Association

Representing the interests of all investors and stakeholders


Disclosure Policy


Rotation & Independence


Composition (fixed & variable)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Communication and interest