Stewardship describes the responsible allocation of assets and active ownership by the asset manager, with the aim of sustainable, long-term value creation for its customers.

DVFA* Stewardship Guidelines (Link) for Asset Managers:

1. Stewardship declaration (mandatory)

2. Continuous monitoring of portfolio companies

3. Constructive dialogue with the portfolio companies

4. Escalation process when a dialogue fails

5. Informed and responsible exercise of voting rights

6. Publication of voting behavior

7. Assessing collective engagements

8. Dealing with conflicts of interest

9. Reporting

* German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management

To promote constructive dialogue with portfolio companies

Governance & Values offers:

  • Dialogue in line with DVFA stewardship guidelines
  • Individual or collective
  • Active dialogue with the asset manager
  • Support in the selection of companies to be contacted
  • Planning of engagements
  • Support in the selection of topics to be discussed
  • Organization and support of collective engagements in line with Acting in Concert regulations
  • Environment, Social and Governance

Reporting based on international standards:

  • Number of engagements
  • Types of engagement
  • Main topics
  • Results of engagement activities
  • Quantitative evaluation of the topics discussed