Sport is of public interest. In contrast to private sector companies, misconduct in the sports sector reveals itself as if magnified through a burning glass.

Good governance in sports is essential for creating trust, transparency and integrity. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the financing, stability and further development of the individual sports clubs and associations. Sports governance should ensure the independence of the individual clubs and associations, as well as their decision-makers.

In order to promote the aforementioned, we actively participated in the founding of the Sports Governance Association and actively support it.

The goal of the association is to foster responsible and sustainable sports management. The proactive approach to governance issues is intended to strengthen the trust of fans, spectators, investors, sponsors and lenders on the one hand, as well as athletes, clubs and associations on the other hand.

This is done through events and conferences, training measures, scientific publications and active networking.


With the help of our cooperation partner Sports Governance Unit (“SGU”) from Zurich, we offer a range of services relating to governance and sustainability in sport. These include:

  • SGU rating - analysis and evaluation of clubs’ and associations’ governance, risk management, compliance and corporate social responsibility
  • Efficiency audits - external or internal assessment of the supervisory bodies
  • Education and training in the areas of sports governance and sustainability
  • Support in the creation of codes and regulations
  • Mediation
  • Stakeholder dialogue with sponsors, investors, lenders, associations, politicians and media representatives